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I work as a collaborative life coach. My initial approach is to work with you to identify a list of life goals, and to then break down each goal into the specific steps that would need to be accomplished, to achieve each goal. We then work together to determine which steps to address first, and then “dig in”!  In collaborative life coaching, we brainstorm strategies to achieve each step, evaluate the pluses and minuses of each strategy, select one(s) to try, commit to taking action, and then follow-up on outcomes, at the next meeting.

My role as a life coach is to be an active participant: co-creating your next action steps, challenging you to take chances and “cheerleading”. As part of this role, I will have you make concrete behavioral contracts at the end of each meeting, and will discuss ways to both cheer you on, and “push” you, as needed, in between meetings.

My process of life coaching is designed to be challenging, exciting and fun!

"Sandy is a very warm, intuitive, smart man who also has a great sense of humor and a very good heart!  He truly looks for the good in people and helps to build on that, while also addressing important issues and problems his clients present and assisting them with problem-solving."

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